Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Culinary Arts School experiment, or why I made Pork Curry

Today our teacher in culinary school gave us an interesting homework. We had to come up with a dinner for two, that costs no more than 10$. Well here is what I made.

Find out how easy this is to make, including step by step pictures and the recipe.


  • One big onion
  • One carrot
  • One bell pepper
  • 2lbs of pork
  • Oil
  • For the Curry Sauce I chose this recipe

Now let us get started.

First, dice the onion.

Next, cut up any vegetables you would want, I chose carrots and a pepper bells.

The same treatment for the pork.

Throw everything into a big pan, put in the vegetables first if you don't want them to have that much of a bite. Keep it in a while after it looks like this.

Now I added the Curry mix, which I prepared before.

Let everything cook for another 15-20 minutes on medium heat. Make rice in the meanwhile.

This is what the finished product looks like. I think I can say that It is safe for me to show myself tomorrow at culinary school.


  1. Ah thanks for this simple recipe! I love pork curry, curry in general actually. Next time I'm lazing around wondering what to eat I'll probably have these ingredients lying around, perfect!

  2. Really looks tasty wonder if it would work with chicken


  3. Yummmm pork curry....

    And all those onions!!! =0 <333

  4. I'd be all over that without the curry and rice.

  5. a Filipino like me would really find that tasty, even without the curry but with the rice ;-)

  6. Thanks for these mnjammyyy recipe.

    Btw where are your widgets for following you?
    Ana is wellbeing writer

  7. Daaamn I was wondering what to cook today, thanks a lot really :D pretty nice blog

  8. haha weird! I made Jamaican Curry Yesterday!!! :p

  9. sounds like an easy assignment, but good meal choice.

  10. 2 pounds of pork is less than 10 dollars? wowww
    regardless, nice meal! made me hungry

  11. you're in culinary school? no wonder your food always looks so delicious.

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  13. Is it better to buy curry blocks available from the local supermarket, or make your own curry from scratch? Cause it always seemed too hard and tedious to do the latter.

  14. Hmm love curry, will definitely try this.

  15. damn bro...everytime i ready your posts i get hungry !

  16. That looks really appetising. And puts me in the mood for some, actually. I think I'll go make myself something soon.

  17. Yummi, why do I always visiit your blog when I´m so hungry?

  18. Love the blog man! Keep up the good work

  19. You're Amazing! And now I'm starving!

    Also If you're still interested in a video intro for your site, hit me up!